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Molecular Draw - Flash Chemical 3D Structure Viewer

It aims drawing 3-dimension structure of low molecular compounds such as medical supplies, medicine, using Macromedia Flash, which has the highest propagation rate among browser plug-ins. I am planning to express 3-dimension structures such as protein in the future.
I adopted ActionScript 2.0 and Flash OO programming in the source code.
Compounds can be rotated 3-dimensional by dragging.
By configuring the description of the XML file (constructed by list of atoms and bonds), the structures can be expressed in various forms, such as the solid 3D model as shown in the current demonstration, or possibly a structure like condensed atomic cloud.

ソースコード的にはActionScript 2.0を採用し、FlashOOP(Flash Object Oriented Program)的なプログラムに根ざしております。


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[Entry Compounds List] Methotrexate, Citrinin, Guanazol, Busulfan, Isopurine, Colchicine, Cycloleucine, Thiram, Thymolphthalein, Hydron III, Uracil, Menadione, Neocuproin, Aminothiadiazole, Mequinol, Phenylenediamine, Danthron
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